Winlaw, B.C.

  • The Slocan River is calm and peaceful.
  • Winlaw is at the center of the Slocan Valley Rail-Trail.
  • Ride your bike along the Slocan Valley Rail Trail.
  • There any many nice beaches along the Rail-Trail.

Paradise Valley Lodge is within walking distance to downtown Winlaw which is known for its vibrant, youthful and friendly social scene.

Winlaw has 3 licensed restaurants serving healthy, locally sourced and baked food. Organic ingredients, free range meats and gourmet vegetarian dishes are the norm here. There is an organic food market, a bakery & cafe, a golf course, a grocery store, a gas station and herbal apothecary.

The peaceful Slocan River flows through downtown. Winlaw is also the center of the 50 km Slocan Valley Rail Trail which is very popular with cyclists and cross-country skiers.

The area hosts live music and festivals throughout the year.  There are local farmer’s markets open during the summer, in the valley.

Winlaw is known for its unique variety of residents. The people are friendly, down to earth and “re-creative”. With a population of 400, the town has no streetlights. Yet Winlaw offers excellent food, entertainment and recreation.