Slocan Valley

  • The Slocan River slowly winds its way south, from the village of Slocan.
  • There are many gorgeous beaches along the Slocan River and it's Rail-Trail.
  • The peaceful Slocan River is great for paddling and tubing.
  • The view from Idaho Peak, near Sandon, B.C. is amazing.
  • Ride your bike along the Slocan Valley Rail Trail.
  • The view from the Tourist Lookout spot, just south of Silverton, B.C. Have a picnic here.
  • The Slocan Valley Rail Trail follows the Slocan river for 50 km. (31 miles) It's a hiking, biking and cross country ski trail.
  • You never know what you'll discover on a trip down the Slocan River.
  • The Slocan River, near Winlaw is mostly tranquil and great for swimming.
  • Slocan lake is pristine and powerful. Gorgeous all year round.
  • It's beautiful here during the Spring and Fall seasons.
  • The Valhalla mountain range just south of the village of Slocan.

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